OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, not really my intention to make a posting and load it up for everything but while I was busy plastering the back-side, once the keys had a chance to stiffen for a few days, something struck me that hadn’t occurred to me before and I have not come across mention of either concerning this kind of plaster work, the patterns in the hardly dried surface always being just something for the following layer to key off of in my mind until now. In fact that is only one function, the other one that occurred to me is that these lines reduce cracking by breaking up the continuous surface and reducing the amount of tension build-up as the clay dries and contracts, in particular at the edges where a scratch pattern focused there would relieve the edge of the clay from pulling away from the frame as it dries.





  1. I want to post up this linkage which I seldom do, but it is from some good French carpenters I know and like a lot. Here’s Luc and Erwin giving me some ideas.

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