Know Wood

A New Window In There

I’m glad I know wood. Imagine the opportunity came by, one person approaches to ask about replacing, maybe even restoring an old window set in a wall in a particular way. lets say that way is the way the old Dutch used to do it with the big massive solid window jam made to accommodate any number of windows, opening in many different ways, early on hinged, later  around the turn of the17th cent., double hung, gleaned from how the English were doing it, the one sliding along the other. One thing for sure though they were made to last a long time and if a particularly vulnerable section did happen to become damaged it could readily be cut out and a new section spliced in, rather than the whole thing getting broken out and replaced with a new one.

So you tell it like it is and come back with your price. The shock sets in, you get the nod but not the job ’cause that one wanted the window job that got done at the lower price.

It’s completely hypothetical in my case see, I don’t take on jobs like that. The last time I got asked it was an uncomfortable moment, I had to thank the one asking and make it clear that I only do that kind of work for myself.





  1. I have concluded that A) I don’t charge enough B) I would really rather not hire out to do many of the jobs that I am capable of doing, and C) I’m not wealthy enough to turn down some of the jobs I’d rather not do!

  2. You say you are not wealthy enough and who am I to know it? What I now know is that you got some finding their way to you in order to see if you would do something they can’t that maybe even you would rather not. You could add on 15%, it’s worth a try.


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