“Like Milk”



So fine to take the milk that I’m getting from the mother goat and after giving shares to the cat, the chickens and the dog making some paint up for the clothings rack.

An old drying rack I once pulled out of a dumpster

Having the milk separate and then skimming the thick part off the top helps reduce the strong smell that can emanate for the first week while it cures, but it’s not necessary as far as I’m concerned.

I use a pigment used to stain the rumps of ewe sheep as an indicator the ram has done his job. Well, it’s a cheap one and one I picked up and have for the occasions as necessary, this time with the addition of a bit of kalk which intensifies the color effect.

Goat milk, blue pigment, mix it to a paste

Don’t forget to do your best and make up a sample in order to make the best judgement of the end results.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Well, and if you as a reader of things here find this whole concept extremely interesting my videos channel has interesting and informative videos of me mixing many different colors into many different binding agents.






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