Hand Planed Big Moulding Using Many Planes Both Wood & Metal

Well, it’s a long video (short version of less bytes) but it’s a long piece of moulding which I was more than two days busy making using a 5 meter long piece of fir wood.



7 thoughts on “Hand Planed Big Moulding Using Many Planes Both Wood & Metal

  1. downloaded the video from the archive and worked without problems. Absolutely astonishing result, looking forward to the finished room. Love the pink too.

  2. Thanks Sebastian. I like making it in one piece the Dutch way rather than in built-up sections like the English work but it means plowing those mean deep grooves. Video works fine now I believe.

  3. The physical and mental perseverance required to remove that much material by hand should not be underestimated, particularly for such a long piece. That was an enormous undertaking and the result is well worthy of the effort. Now as to the pink…well….:-)

  4. You recognize the work for what it is P.M.B. and I appreciate your compliments on the outcome and at the same time have to say the big rounding at the top of the moulding comes across to my eye as billowy and equivocal.
    You tread thin ice with your ellipses there.
    In fact this is the original color the room was painted according to my historic color investigation. Still, I admit the exact hue is so difficult to dial in on and missing it by the smallest amount can be disastrous but this is the mixture according to Henley’s Twentieth Century Recipes. But I’ll be mixing up another batch for the top coating, any suggestions, more burnt siena, more orange or white?

  5. .Henley’s is a treasure trove.! Please take my comment as just a friendly jab. 🙂 I don’t doubt for a moment that the pink was original. Many an historical investigation has shown that our modernist assumptions are largely incorrect regarding pre-twentieth century colour schemes. My own taste would lean towards adding more burnt sienna, but by all means make it to your own liking! I look forward to watching your progress. I appreciate the challenge you face of juggling your day-to-day homesteading tasks along with major home and shop restoration…and…not just ticking things off of a to-do list but embracing and illustrating the almost-lost methods and craftsmanship of a by-gone era.

  6. My copy of Henley’s it’s the one that was laying in the bookshelf here at the house when we moved in, probably from old Klass Mellema himself if not his mamma or papa before that. Along with a number of moulding planes that were out there in the workshop, I like to imagine a sense of continuity these artifacts contribute to my ideal of a kind of restoration going on in this house.

    No need to mention and or illustrate your jocular intensions, I knew it all the time and was just playing along.

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