Getting on with Pink

The initiation picture is a fake, made with one of the gimmick options of my simple digital camera. I imagine that in  films they use similar visual effects, and very successfully I might add to it.

I live in a place where I have always been struck by the use of color in buildings of a particular type, a type that above all interests me, that is, it will usually be a dwelling, simple, local in character and materials made from people who worked with their hands often making things or exploiting the fruits of nature and then getting money for doing it, grubby capitalists true but then capitalists of a certain kind, largely unknown in these days. Well, kind of like this farmhouse

Restored Farmhouse*

Or even like this fisher’s house

Fisherman’s house*

Reproductions it’s true but then done with some degree of authenticity or another one. That is to say for example in the blue and yellow house the colors at least can probably be traced back to some original paint. From there probably the museum personnel went to the shop with their sample and had some Sikkens mixed to match, or it’s how I imagine it in any case.

I did the research using the time-tested methodologies in coming up with the color for my front room, what will become known to me anyway as the, “mooi kamer” or the “beautiful room” where special attention is paid to getting it that way.

The paint scheme known as “monochromatic”

At this point ceiling and bedstead wall have their coating of paint more or less the way it will appear in the final analysis. No shading or highlighting the various elements is the way I like it so much, anything more suggesting an expenditure of way to much thought on the matter what some might even say a contrivance.

Paint inside, untouched and original.

Also the wood work is getting got back into shape in as far as some had rotted or otherwise needed replacement always making retaining as much of the original material as I can or want the answer to the first question that arrises, what to do next?

Trimmings all moulded

The apparent reparation of window, its jamb and sill, well these words really don’t do the original Dutch names for the elements justice – only an approximation to give the outsider a sense he or she may be able to contend with – and then the covering of the lower part of this brick wall with the simple wainscot much the same as it was before but with certain liberties taken, for example on the vertical profiling.


Ernest Dubois




*Nederlands Openluchtmuseum


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