A Telling of Lime

Lime plaster when it freezes prior to a good cure.

I will take you back now, back to a time just about one year ago in fact. I remember it so clear, that Fall feel was well and truly here the way it is only when it’s October. October is the boarder month for the stuccador and so I queried mine if it wasn’t maybe to late to begin with plastering the wall and when he said it was no problem and once I had given the instruction to use lime and only lime and taken the responsibility for the consequences myself, he did his job.

Work of the professional stuccador.
Work of the professional stuccador.

But he should have listened to me because January’s four day freeze  blew out sections of the good plaster job.

Damage above the cellar opening.
Damage above the cellar opening.
And more extensive lime plaster catastrophic failure.
And more extensive lime plaster catastrophic failure.

Good, it gives me the chance sooner that anticipated to get that pristine wall looking the way it should, that is patched in a rough and amateuristic way and not so flat and uniform as the look of someone who knew what they were doing might make it, this is much to suspect and not acceptable. But I would never say that to the one who’s done it that way without knowing any beter.

But here it is October again and I am stuccoing. So strange you’d think another time would be called for. But no waiting, best get at it while the lime is fresh and not let it sit around till after winter, that would truly be risky.

Giving a little poke there.

I prepared the underground this time with alum to retard water absorption from the initial lime mix. Just simply splashed it on from a bucket with a, I don’t know anymore how you call it, a veger.

But my set-up was the best of all. And quite stable if you believe it or not.

Amateuristic staging I’m so proud of, getting me the height that’s needed.




5 thoughts on “A Telling of Lime

  1. That looks great
    And i like the staging ones ure weight is on there i believe it woud be stable 🙂

  2. you do have quite an eye for symmetry, it reminds me of a painting of Duchamp. The stairs that is.

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