The Banality of Shingle Making

When you have systemic disintegration, (election of tycoons, right-wing ascendancy, autocrats moving ahead and putting the screws on, institutional flailing about, all self-evident, nothing controversial about it), against the backdrop of the climate disruption we’ve generated for ourselves that I find really unpleasant personally, keeping a blog updated or in fact having the interest let alone motivation for something like that seems on a general level – the blogs, they just seem to keep coming –  a manifestation of that very dysfunction. On the other hand the work in and around here itself goes on apace, for now.







  1. Ernest! So glad to see you pop up again! I understand what you are saying, and wish I had something useful or encouraging to say to you. I have been talking up variations on 2 themes: 1) you can do/make/build/achieve that yourself, or with the help of people you know, and 2) everything starts out locally on a small scale – clean up the road in front of your house for a start. Neither one is much, but it’s all I’ve got. I have been going to the local township board meetings, maybe we are just lucky here, but it is quiet and sensible, and the trustees seem genuinely concerned about the well being of our little area and the people in it. Maybe we can build from there, somehow curb the mean spirited ignorant self interest and greed enough to make a difference. John

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