Home Sweet Home

A painting to replace the one gone missing and revealing an empty space that wants to be and should be filled. My initial thinking was, “Do it like Rembrandt did it?” After all he was married to a woman of Friesland. It means I wanted it on an oak panel. I had just such a suitable oak out the back, all that was needed was to split it up.


Left over from shingle making, now I would make use of this fine Quercus robur for a piece of art. Going at it then by splitting, riving, planing and all that good stuff and more until the beautiful moment that I had a small stack of planks to set aside and dry. And dry they did, first a year out back and then a year in the hay loft, being thin and small and quartered and not wanting much time to get dry enough for the intended purpose.


When I thought the time was right, that’s when I went into the loft and brought them to my workshop area. This was the time to really get them into shape for a panel because they were now in a state of relative stability, that is to say fairly predictable.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor jointery’s sake I went with the tongue and the groove combo., both those at 5 mm. Back sides, I didn’t worry much about it.


The plan was a panel floating in its frame somewhat clamped inside a rabbet on the four sides of its perimeter. Nothing will hold the individual planks together besides the fit of the joints, no glue, no battens, no keys butterflied or otherwise. Truly a floating situation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn other words I was going for an animated panel yet one not to wild, tamed by the nature of the split quarter-oak.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlease join me further on down the line on-line as the process proceeds, the story unfolds and the space is finally renewed.


BDS forever




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