These Hand-made Shoes were Made For… So Many Great and Good Things

I never did have it in my head that I would have some hand-made clogs. Well, it was fortunate or a good circumstance that when my own clogs happened to bust out I was in the clog makers village of Enter down there in the beautiful area of Twente DSCN5397going at it, as I always say, with Jos and Gerald mostly just having some good fun. These two are two of the accomplished clog makers of that village and Gerald was so kind as to supply me with a replacement pair he had on hand, as clog makers often do, which were just my size.


These are really great shoes which I wear almost all the time anyway and you would too when you are in and out of stalls and you got a yard full of chickens under your feet and don’t want to be tracking that residue from out side in to your house day after day.

Hand-mades are of a different order than what I’ve normally got on which come off the automated pattern maker and have gotten a good and thorough  sanding  at the belt sander.


Only the hand made variety have such crisp lines and traces from the stock knife left over after the skilled clog maker is through at his chopping block.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI still have clogs from off the machine like this French style which are more for wearing in the winter.






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