As for me, here I am having moved from USA to the Netherlands years back now, where I began working with wood in ernest at the well known school of furniture making in  Amsterdam and then moved onto my own independent practice as a furniture maker. But this web site is more about stuff I’m doing on the side of that anyway, more informal things I do with wood and building and restoration and my home here and that I do go to the effort of putting up for inspection.P1030213



4 thoughts on “About

  1. I have seen responses by you in other forums and found them to be informative – and entertaining! I am glad to have found your blog and look forward to exploring it! I love the videos of your work area.
    Paul Atzenweiler

  2. Good Paul, I’m glad my slanted skew on things has not thrown you off and you seem to get the intention behind the persona “Ernest DuBois”.
    I’m finding myself less and less enthralled in internet as a whole but still plan to add on to my shinglemaker’s space.
    Thanks for piping in.


  3. While I find the internet irritating sometimes, it is the only way I have been able to interact with a lot of like minded woodworkers. Now if I can involve them in a poker game with cigars and good beer . . .

  4. Hi Paul,

    There are indeed positive angles to it, like the one we are engaged in right now and I can take a bit of irritation. What I can’t accept is being made a chump of by irresponsible abuses and that seems bound to occur as long as there are not some levels of controls or order available, which there may well be and I am just so ignorant of computers to know about. My alternative then is just cutting back on the time spent behind the screen and the effort involved for now but you may have other suggestions beyond the one involving beer which it is clear is the best option.

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